Let’s Talk About Stigma

For thousands of years, people with symptoms of mental illness have endured persecution, up to and including death. Horrifying abuse and mistreatment in asylums and hospitals. Painful and flat-out torture treatments (electroshock therapy and lobotomies were most definitely a thing). When we look at the current climate today we have come such a long way. Psych wards are not places of torture anymore. We have … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Stigma

Confrontation Is Not A Bad Thing

Having a voice is our greatest gift and most powerful weapon. It can be used to build incredible structures of compassion or tear someone down to the core. It’s how we communicate with the world. It is how we form our relationships with people. It’s how we share ideas, thought, and feelings. Often we misuse our voice and forget to use it when the time … Continue reading Confrontation Is Not A Bad Thing

Essential Oil Therapy

In my quest to find relief from my chronic pain and illnesses, something that was recommended time and time again to me was essential oils. I can tell you that essential oils are great. To be clear, it doesn’t provide long-lasting relief from my pain and other than aromatherapy purposes it is not backed up by scientific evidence. There are uses for them that I … Continue reading Essential Oil Therapy

The Lazy Person’s Guide To Keeping A Bullet Journal

At the end of 2017, I had an epiphany. It was solidified after trying (and failing) to work a “regular” job due to my illness’ that I wouldn’t be able to regularly attend and pursue work outside of my home. Being the independent person that I am this fact got me down. I decided that if I was going to be bound to the house … Continue reading The Lazy Person’s Guide To Keeping A Bullet Journal